Louisiana Tire & Automotive Service Association


LTASA Committees

If you're committed to serving the community beyond the office or shop, LTASA's committees may be the opportunity you're looking for. Our Committees work with the Board of Directors to oversee the various programs and operations of the LTASA. As a member of the LTASA, you are encouraged to join any of the committees below. With your participation and dedication, we can build a stronger association and industry!

To join a committee, please complete the Committee Interest Form and return it to the LTASAoffice at info@LTASA.org. You can also join a committee by logging into your LTASA account and selecting "Committees & Groups" from your bookmarks. Have questions? Contact the LTASA office at (225) 351-1370.

By-Laws Committee
The LTASA By-Laws Committee is responsible for assuring the operation of the Association within established guidelines.  If needed, Committee members also make amendments to the Bylaws and ensure the availability of Bylaws to membership.
Chairperson:  Ray Mohler of Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts

Communication Committee
The Communication Committee provides oversight for LTASA communications to its members, which includes newsletters, website content, and conference programs. 
Chairperson:  Mike Stallings of Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts

Convention Committee
The Convention Committee plans and coordinates all activities related to the Association’s annual convention. This committee is co-chaired by the President, 2nd Vice President, and the Executive Director.
Chairperson:  Chris Bonaventure of Delta World Tire & Ryan Hutchison of Moore's Retread & Tire

Financial Committee
The Financial Committee's primary responsibilities include preparation of the LTASA annual budget and managing the Association finances. The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.
Chairperson:  Melissa Meraux of Phil Meraux Tire Service

Hall of Fame Committee
The Hall of Fame Committee helps coordinate the honoring of those who have contributed to the tire & auto service industry & LTASA. The Hall of Fame inductees are honored at our annual convention. Meet our inductees at LTASA.org/HallofFame.
Chairperson:  Dan Hutchison of Moore's Retread & Tire

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee maintains a watchful eye on any proposed legislation that may affect the tire & auto service industry in Louisiana.  Responsibilities include: procure, review and provide comments on proposed laws to the Board of Directors to allow the Association to take a position and express an opinion on legislation affecting the tire industry in Louisiana. The Legislative Committee is chaired by the President. 
Chairperson:  Chris Bonaventure of Delta World Tire

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting membership in the Association by recruiting new members, retaining existing members, and encouraging members to become more active within the organization. The Membership Committee is chaired by the 1st Vice President.
Chairperson:  Jude Patterson of O'Reilly Auto Parts

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the scholarship program for the Association.  This includes: receiving, reviewing, and awarding scholarships to qualified applicants. LTASA has two scholarship programs: the College Scholarship and the ASE Scholarship
Chairperson:  Melissa Meraux of Phil Meraux Tire Service

Scholarship Tournament Committee
The Scholarship Tournament Committee plans and coordinates all activities related to the Association’s annual Scholarship Tournament. 
Chairperson:  Eric Roundtree of Chabill's Tire 
Training/Education Committee
The Training/Education Committee members are responsible for directing all education and training activities within the Association. This Committee can plan, schedule, and coordinate educational seminars, roundtable meetings, and training classes. 
Chairperson James Greene of NAPA Auto Parts