Louisiana Tire & Automotive Services Association

Hall of Fame

The LTASA Hall of Fame was created to honor the individuals who have played a significant role in the growth & development of the tire industry and the LTASA. Individuals are inducted into LTASA's Hall of Fame during the Banquet at our Annual Convention.

LTASA Hall of Fame Members

Inducted 2000
Abe Bernstein, Barney Moore,
Norman Rhea, Bill Simon &
Mike Staley
Inducted 2001
Bob Potter & Clyde Sharp

Inducted 2002
Dennis Richard, Sr., Jimmy Richard
& Don Yoes
Inducted 2003
Bob Holley
Inducted 2004
Ray Patron
Inducted 2005 
Sterling Broussard, Sr.
Inducted 2006
Tom Deavers
Inducted 2007
Dan Hutchison & Tony Arnone
Inducted 2008
Rick Lambert & Emmett Woods
Inducted 2009
Ken Conner & Charley Gowland
Inducted 2010
Dennis Richard, Jr., Barry Yoes
& Glen Yoes
Inducted 2011
Marvin Bernstein
Inducted 2012
Chet Simpson
Inducted 2013
Roger Spears & Greg Vidrine
Inducted 2015
Paul Bernstein
Inducted 2018
Ron Von Behren
Inducted 2019
J.N. Walpole
Inducted 2020-2021
David Ross & Peggy Simon
Inducted 2022
Eric Roundtree
Inducted 2024
Chris Bonaventure

Want to nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame? Complete the application below & submit it to the LTASA office. Questions? Contact us at info@LTASA.org.