Louisiana Tire & Automotive Service Association


Training Programs
2024 Bumper to Bumper Training
subject to change/please contact your local Bumper to Bumer rep for details and pricing

Alexandria, LA
6/25 Vehicle Electrification/Hybrid System
7/25 Toyota/Lexus Diagnostic
10/9 Body Control Electronics Diagnosis
11/19 Ignition System Diagnostics
11/20 Variable Valve Timing Systems
11/21 ABS/Stability & Traction Control

Baton Rouge, LA
7/24 Unleash the Power of Your Scan Tool
9/19 Evaporative Emissions Diagnostics

Kenner, LA
1/18 Modern AC Diagnosis and Repair

Lafayette, LA
2/29 Modern AC Diagnosis and Repair
4/22 MATC
4/23 MATC
4/24 MATC
4/25 MATC
4/26 MATC
4/27 MATC
9/18 TBD

Monroe, LA
2/21 Modern Turbocharger Diagnostics
3/4 How to Use Lab Scope for Diagnostics
6/25 Unleash the Power of Your Scan Tool
7/10 CAN Networks
8/14 Mode $06 Diagnosis
10/7 Vehicle Electrification/Hybrid System
10/31 Intro to Electic Vehicles

New Orleans, LA
9/18 TBD
9/19 Evaporative Emissions Diagnostics

Shreveport, LA
3/18 Modern AC Diagnosis and Repair
7/11 TBD
8/13 TBD
10/22 Unleash the Power of Your Scan Tool

Tyler, LA
10/30 Advance Oscilloscope

Tire Industry Association (TIA)
TIA is committed to providing the most comprehensive educational services available to the tire industry. From hands-on training and certification for experienced technicians, to basic online training for new hires, TIA offers programs that can be used by large and small companies alike.

  • Basic Automotive Tire Service (ATS)
  • Basic Commercial Tire Service (CTS)
  • Basic Earthmover Tire Service (ETS)
  • Basic Farm Tire Service (FTS)
  • Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • Basic Industrial Tire Service (ITS)
  • Advanced Hands-On Farm Tire Service Training
  • Certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS)
  • Certified Commerical Tire Service (CTS)


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