Louisiana Tire & Automotive Services Association

Our Members

I am a member of LTASA because it is a support to our industry and my business. First, networking with other business owners is a great help for ideas in my business operations. Interacting with vendors and potential vendors has also been positive. Finally, the support and lobbying efforts of the organization on the legal front helps our entire industry from potential negative impacts of legislation.
Steven Ancelet, President, Ross Tire & Service


I am a member of LTASA to look after the best interests of my tire dealer, and automotive repair shop customers! We monitor trends, legislative concerns, offer training opportunities, basically, try to keep the membership informed of what’s going on in their perspective industries!
Mike Stallings, Business Development Manager, Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts

I am a member of LTASA because networking is important and critical to the success of any business in any industry. Being new to the industry, I have met a lot of really good suppliers that I didn't know existed in my local area. Most of the tires dealers I had always spoken to over the phone are involved in the LTASA. This allows me to build a really close networking team of my suppliers and dealers which will allow me to grow my business.
Scott Hebert, Owner, Signature Mobile Tire