Louisiana Tire & Automotive Services Association


Why Join LTASA?
LTASA is here to serve its members. We can accomplish collectively as an association what we cannot accomplish individually.
Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you and your employees getting the necessary training to keep you current in today's rapidly changing parts and tire industry?
  • How often do you attend a trade show to check out the latest parts, equipment, and business services?
  • How good is your insurance carrier? Do you get competitive bids?
  • Do you have a group of peers in the same type of business that you can call for information and advice?
  • Are you aware when there are new state & national legislation that could adversely affect your business? Do you have someone that will represent you?
  • Who notifies you of tire and equipment theft and scam operations in your area?
  • How have you answered these questions? As a business owner, $200 a year is a small amount to pay to be involved in a regional association exclusively for tire dealers and their affiliated suppliers.

LTASA Membership Benefits
One of the biggest advantages of membership in LTASA is the exchange of ideas, important information, and knowledge of new techniques, as well as providing a chance to meet with other dealers to compare practices, procedures, and problems of everyday business. Many long-lasting friendships and alliances have been made through the Association.
  • Belonging to a group of peers. Where else can you discuss relevant issues with people who have the same problems as you?
  • Your only voice in government through lobbying and keeping an eye on laws that may affect you and your business
  • Excellent networking opportunity
  • Discounted insurance through Federated Insurance
  • Technical training
  • Business management seminars
  • Networking & sharing of information with other dealers
  • Long-lasting friendships and alliances
  • Annual automotive convention and trade show
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • HR/labor attorney on retainer for member use

Membership Categories
LTASA has two levels of membership: Associate and Vendor. Membership dues are paid on an annual, calendar-year basis.
  • LTASA's Associate Membership is limited to tire dealers, automotive jobbers, & automotive repair facilities.
  • LTASA's Vendor Membership is reserved for tire wholesalers, parts distributors,& other industry-related persons.

New Member Proration Schedule
The first year's dues of a new member joining LTASA are offered on a prorated basis. Should you join at any other time than the first of the year, your dues are:
1st Quarter
January, February, March
2nd Quarter
April, May, June
3rd Quarter
July, August, September
4th Quarter 
October, November, December
$200 or 100% $150 or 75% $100 or 50% $50 or 25%

Dues Disclosure
Please note that the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 states that association dues used for lobbying activities are not deductible as a business expense. Based on historical data, LTASA estimates the portion of dues used for lobbying expenses for 2020 is 34% that cannot be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor for further guidance.